The overall topic of this course is focused on the global occupational and environmental determinants of disease and a multidisciplinary-multicultural approach for prevention. Various educational aspects of Occupational and Environmental are considered and new advances in communication and training are discussed. New emerging work-related diseases are also explained with a focus on methodological aspects to detect unrecognized health hazards.

A highlight of this course are the worksite visits. Hands-on activities, discussions with company managements, workers and safety experts, direct evaluation of personal protective equipment are key components of this training experience.

General lectures and worksite visit are followed by students work-groups to focus on specific topics to be presented to the class. This favors a better understanding of the topics, through experiential learning and problem solving processes. Attendees are constantly encouraged to share their viewpoints with the class. They are also offered an exciting opportunity to publish in a special issue of the Annals Of Global Health, dedicated to Global Occupational and Environmental Health.

The course targets diverse professionals in occupational and environmental health, medical residents, physicians, researchers, private consultants and public officials in various fields of Public Health and Industrial Hygiene.

Our aim is to establish a friendly multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, with exchanges from different angles and perspectives.

  • The course is accredited with 1.3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)
  • English is the official language.